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The Truth About The “Splunk versus Elk” Debate

Ryan Glynn/ August 26, 2017/ Technical (Programming, Python3, Splunk, ELK, rsyslog)/ 0 comments

The Truth About the Splunk versus ELK Arguments I feel the need to write this because of how many dishonest articles there are about the Splunk vs ELK debate. It seems like either the writers used both applications for a single day and knew the bare basics or that they have extraordinarily simplistic use cases to test. So, naturally, I

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Splunk Tips and Tricks Part 1: Search and Reporting Tips

Ryan Glynn/ August 24, 2017/ Technical (Programming, Python3, Splunk, ELK, rsyslog)/ 0 comments

Over the years I have collected some basic (and advanced) tips and tricks for utilizing Splunk – both from an operational standpoint of server maintenance as well as from the standpoint of alert, report and dashboard creation. Below are some of the most basic search tips that I have, additional posts are to follow for more advanced tips and tricks.

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Arabic Keyboard Layout Finished Programming!

Ryan Glynn/ December 6, 2010/ Technical (Programming, Python3, Splunk, ELK, rsyslog)/ 57 comments

Well, after about a year of going without being able to type in Arabic with the Arabic Digits (١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩٠). I decided to take matters into my own hands after being unable to find an already prepared solution. After about 2 hours of programming and messing around with Microsoft’s KLC, I have made a complete layout that includes both the numbers

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