Final Jaw Surgery Entry

Ryan Glynn/ April 15, 2011/ Personal/ 0 comments

Well hello, it has been a while! Just figured I would update with a 4 month (almost exactly 4 months) update on my swelling after my lower jaw surgery. Below is a recent picture, I apologize for only having a front face view: After this entire process, there were a few annoyances that still exist. One is that I still

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SRA 468 Blog Post

Ryan Glynn/ January 14, 2011/ Personal/ 0 comments

I have quite a lot of motivation to learn in my SRA 468 (Visual Analytics) course this semester. Among the courses I am taking this semester (Arabic 6, Quantitative Political Analytics, Business Writing, and Legal and Regulatory Environment of Information Sciences and Technology) I find that Visual Analytics will be much more exciting and hopefully I will be able to

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Jaw Surgery Continued

Ryan Glynn/ December 27, 2010/ Personal/ 1 comments

Well, here are day 6-12 after jaw surgery. Some days get bad! My bruising got really bad and my face became yellow and black. Day 6: Day 7: Day 8: Day 9: Day 10: Day 11: Day 12:

Jaw Surgery Update

Ryan Glynn/ December 18, 2010/ Personal/ 1 comments

This post will go from the day before surgery, to the first few days after surgery. Pre-surgery Me: Right after surgery: A few days later: The last picture is 3 days after surgery, which I am told is the height of swelling. One can hope, cause right now the pain is ridiculous and the swelling is annoying as heck! Ill

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Jaw Surgery

Ryan Glynn/ December 15, 2010/ Personal/ 0 comments

Whelp, my jaw surgery starts tomorrow… in 6 hours to be exact. Not too excited about this, I will be posting before and after pics as well. On top of that, my phone is nearing its death bed.

Music Review: Devlin – Bud Sweat and Beers Album

Ryan Glynn/ December 2, 2010/ Personal/ 0 comments

Well, I haven’t had much to write about, and since Devlin asked his fans to review his debut album… I figured I might as well! So here it goes: Devlin is what they call a grime artist in the UK. Being an American citizen, with no knowledge of what exactly grime is, I like to call it intelligent rap. Anyways,

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Heading Back

Ryan Glynn/ November 28, 2010/ Personal/ 0 comments

Heading back to school tomorrow, yay. Now for 2 weeks of straight exams and then into my wonderful jaw surgery. Oh well. I’ve come to the conclusion that most people back home aren’t really worth wasting my time trying to catch up with them again. Over the past few years its become apparent that some people only really want to

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First Real Post

Ryan Glynn/ November 22, 2010/ Personal/ 5 comments

Not really sure what to write here, I kind of added this just because it seems to be the cool new thing to do for us kids these days. I know when my jaw surgery starts in December I will be covering that since I was rather disappointed in the lack of information available to people looking for the effects

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